Company history
Bosanka l.l.c. Blažuj former factory of wood industry was openned up in 1951. in new facilities. At that time facilities were built within two years.
Bosanka l.l.c. situated only 15 km from the Centre of Sarajevo City in a very accessable and atractive location in Blažuj.

Map of our location


  • • Storage facility – 7,425 m2;
  • • Ground plan measurements of the facility– 109,00 x 70,80 m
  • • Height of the facility – 8,50 m;
  • • Maximum floor load capacity - 70 kN/ m2;
  • • The facility is suitable for high bay storage;
  • • Fire protection system – water mist fire suppression system in six sectors;
  • • The storage facility features telephone and IT infrastructure;
  • • It is possible to construct office for a stockman with complete infrastructure;
  • • Spacious work area for trucks (14-meter asphalt area in front of the ramps);
  • • Transformer station (suitable for manufacturing companies – industrial voltage) and auxiliary power generator;
• The facility is under constant video surveillance.
  • • Storage facilities are built of solid material (wall is built of reinforced concrete panels,   floor – reinforced concrete slabs with ferrous floor hardener, roof- waterproof sheet metal with hydro-insulation and skylight domes).
  • • Storage area offers considerable flexibility – it allows for partitioning of available space into units of varying dimensions depending on our client’s needs. Smallest partition available for renting has to be at least 290 m2 per grid. This flexibility in terms of partitioning accommodates the need for business expansion, together with the reduction of costs.
  • • The facility has 16 sectional doors with telescopic ramp and protective curtain measuring  2800 x 3000 mm.
  • • Office space is arranged over a ground floor and two floors measuring 1.103,83 m2 (361,41 + 371,75 + 370,67 m2). Each floor has its own sanitary block, heating system and air conditioning. All floors are interconnected by means of internal staircase. There is a parking lot in front of the entrance leading to business premises section of the building. Snow removal is performed regularly and it is not charged separately.
  • • The entrance features a mini reception desk with coffee and vending machines.
  • • Offices,
  • • Conference room,
  • • Luxury toilets (two for men/women), toilet for people with disabilities,
  • • Kitchenette,
  • • Wardrobe,
  • • Store room.

Without common rooms, the ground floor measures 161 m2 in total .
  • • 7 offices totaling 192 m2 (the smallest office is 24 m2);
  • • Conference room (75 m2);
  • • Luxury toilets (two for men/women),
  • • Kitchenette,
• Store room.