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Company history
Bosanka l.l.c. Blažuj former factory of wood industry was openned up in 1951. in new facilities. At that time facilities were built within two years.
Bosanka l.l.c. situated only 15 km from the Centre of Sarajevo City in a very accessable and atractive location in Blažuj.

Map of our location


  • • The storage facility is built using state-of-the-art construction materials, with the special emphasis placed on fire protection. Façade elements are made of aluminum panels with stone wool infillings. Structure made of reinforced concrete and ferroconcrete slab are constructed in accordance with the current construction standards.
  • • The height of loading docks meets EU standards. Storage area  features 9 sectional doors (for trucks) with telescopic ramps and protective curtain measuring  3000 x 3260 mm.
  • • On the opposite side of the building there are 9 automatic metal sectional doors measuring 2800 x 3260 mm, providing access for smaller delivery vehicles.
  • Office space is arranged over galleries located on two sides of the facility, directly above loading docks. Six staircases provide direct connection between offices and storage area.

Office space measures 1.586 m2 in total and it is arranged over two identical galleries featuring the following elements:

  • • 23 offices, ranging from 12,40 m2 to 37,35 m2;
  • • Functional toilets (three toilets for men/women);
  • • Kitchenette (two kitchenettes on each side of the gallery );
  • • Wardrobe;
• Store room.